Psycho Play

  • By Mai
  • on Nov 1, 2017

Hello all, Mai here. Most of you already know me from Mangazuki among other places, I want to keep things quite short here if I can.

I want to start off by explaining how this group came to fruition and who the key members are of it, all the way from the start. Now this goes back several months from now.

I found out that a Korean translator picked up HnG from Mangazuki out of nowhere, I was a bit surprised that someone randomly stole it from us around that time - I then took my time to contact this translator. I didn’t have much expectations from the conversation. However I was just looking for an answer from him. It came down to a point where I got along with him very well and decided to start working on a series together (Prison Lab). As for the translator’s name.

I’m sure most of you guys may know him by now if you've read the series I've uploaded in the past. (Glasses-kun) Together with him and (Anon-chan, ANDRP) I started a small group where we worked on Prison Lab only, but still had the idea to expand sometime in the future however it was nothing that was going to happen anytime soon.

At least that’s what I thought, however after a month of keeping my group small, people started contacting me and were interested in the series I was working on and from that point onwards the group started growing.


I had no plans to make a big group in the beginning but things changed drastically and the people in my group wanted to pick up more series, most people here will know that the series we worked on are mostly psychological with some exceptions like Love Academy etc . However at this point I won’t be fussed on picking up new things too much because my group is filled with all kind of nice people from the past and friends that I’ve met throughout my years in the scanlation (world).


And most people are familiar with me but I can give a brief introduction on how I got here in the first place. Since I will be leading the ship here, some background knowledge wouldnt hurt too much.


I started off as regular member at Yomanga, everyone should be familiar with that place. I used to spend most of my time just chatting around in the discord of Yomanga, back in those days there were no staff members in the discord so it was a bit quiet but still a nice and fun place to hang out in.


After spending some months in the discord the fanbase started growing even bigger than before and a new mod for the chat was needed. I took my chances to try it out and signed myself up for it. I then got accepted as a chat moderator for the discord and afterwards I started to pursue a higher place where I could contribute more to the team and decided to pick up on the role typesetter, which was not my kind of thing (back then at least). I settled into proofreading where I got to know the rest of the staff members more. After Yomanga shut down, I got called in by (Ash) the web developer. He asked me if I wanted to become community leader of the future project Mangazuki. I was totally up for it and that’s where I started getting recognized by users even more, after spending endless amount of months in Mangazuki I felt like I wanted to do something myself. The day meeting Glasses-kun was the perfect opportunity for me to step in and do my own thing and now here we are!


Psycho Play is essentially a group formed with some of my friends from the past. I don’t really have any specific goals here, I want everyone to have a nice time and have fun reading the stuff we will be releasing. As for the name Psycho Play, it took us ages to find a proper name for the group.

After we expanded into a bigger group, the people in the group wanted to have their own name because we started picking up more and more work, in the end Ano-chan suggested the name Psycho Play which surprised me since he’s usually lacking when it comes to names but made his grand entrance right here.


Aside from all of this, Psycho Play will be focused on the psychological genre mostly but will still include some mature manhwas as well such as ; Loser and Love Academy for now. We’ll see what the future holds for us, I hope you guys will have a good time here : )


(I tried to keep things short…)


Special thanks to my beloved staff members and friends : Ash, CupcakeKitty, Kei, Ano, Glasses, Shion, Dev, Space, Neko-Chan, Zero and the little mascot (Amy O.O )


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